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Fuzhou Skystone Diamond Tool Co., Ltd was founded in Fuzhou - China and has been engaged in the manufacture of diamond tools for the rock industry since 1994. It successfully developed diamond wires as its main product in 2000, subsequently inaugurating its factory of wire machines in 2003.


Skystone currently has wire and machine industries; a Research & Development center for tools and another for equipment; a technology center for mining projects and a building for research on cutting technologies. The company has a team of 300 professionals and is considered one of the most renowned and consolidated brands in the market, bringing with it a wide variety of intellectual property rights to its products.


Skystone has advanced and complete technology for a range of Diamond Tools. There are wires for cutting quarries, cut in concrete (clean demolition), multiwire looms, monowires and machines for Diamond Wire for extraction and sawing.


Product performance has been proven worldwide. Its production is widely exported to Brazil, Iran, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Poland and 30 other countries.


The strong partnership with the main producers of Brazilian rocks and the great demand in this market allowed the creation of its own headquarters in Brazil. The new unit offers the same quality, high productivity and technology known worldwide.


National manufacturing makes Skystone's diamond tools more attractive for the greater cost-reduction offered in the Brazilian market.

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